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My name is Herb Paine.

I’m a consultant, strategist, troubleshooter, and change agent.
I tell the organizational truth.
I design actionable roadmaps that channel dreams to reality.
This is my brand, my stock-in-trade.
This is my shingle:
Paine Consulting Services ~
Managing the challenges of change

My beat, for the last three decades, has been the boardrooms and executive offices of nonprofit organizations, corporations, and government ~ with the single-minded goal of enhancing their capabilities to serve the common good.

My work with nonprofits in particular has been driven by my firm belief in the crucial and essential role they play in building the good society. My challenge ~ whether through organizational assessments, change strategies, mergers, turnarounds, or restructuring ~ is to position nonprofits for effectiveness, relevance, impact, and sustainability.

Sooner or later,  however, the well-intentioned trustees and administrators of these enterprises may go awry. That’s when I go to work. READ MORE

The bottom line: All organizations are dysfunctional. What differentiates them is only a matter of degree. In the case of the nonprofit organization, the dysfunction is exacerbated ~ and, therefore, its effectiveness is limited ~ by deficiencies that are inherent in its business model. This is an issue that I’ll explain further in Herb’s Blogs  and seminars.

One other point: Now, celebrating our 30th year of managing the challenges of change, I look forward to a knowledge and skills transfer to a new generation of consultants and leaders. It’s my gift. SO, TAKE IT FROM ME. INQUIRE NOW ABOUT SEMINARS FOR PUBLIC BENEFIT CONSULTANTS AND FOR NONPROFIT LEADERS.