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Organizational development and change management

All organizations are dysfunctional. What differentiates one from the other is simply a matter of degree. In nonprofit organizations, the severity of the dysfunction is exacerbated by its internal architecture.

  • Fast cycle from diagnosis to action
  • Accelerated, probing, and insightful assessments
  • Credible and actionable options for neutralizing the dysfunction and repositioning for organizational effectiveness.
  • On-site interventions to realign organizational culture and restructure for innovation and impact.

Strategy and implementation

Strategy = Implementation. All the planning in the world is in vain if the enterprise is not populated and aligned for executing intentions with passion, tenacity, innovation, and flexibility. Let’s move beyond strategic plans that are neither strategic nor planful.

  • Dynamic retreats that mine the group wisdom and mobilize the team for focused action.
  • Actionable roadmaps for effective implementation of true strategy.
  • Fusion of brand promise with organizational design and behavior.

Turnaround for organizations at risk or in transition

Bad management. Bad oversight. Overextension beyond available resources. These are the prevailing factors that lead organizations to the precipice.

  • Rapid interventions to stem the bleeding and/or stabilize the organization’s operations.
  • Interim executive management to institute stabilization, restructuring, and recovery.
  • Candid analyses and presentation of options to ensure the continuity of programs and services.

Mergers and strategic alliances

In service to the common good, every opportunity to create synergies through appropriate collaboration should be explored. However, mergers and alliances should be done for the right reasons with mindfulness of true costs and benefits.

  • Masterful negotiation and coordination of mergers and alliances from feasibility through implementation.


Why is it that very intelligent people enter the boardrooms of nonprofit organizations and act so unintelligently? To whom are the boards ultimately accountable? The time has come to transform the governance practices that drive organizations to inertia.

  • High-level seminars and retreats that retrack organizational structure, renegotiate the roles and accountabilities of nonprofit leadership domains, and transform the actions of boards and  executives.