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Institute for the Public Benefit

The Institute’s mission is to cultivate and develop a new generation of leaders, consultants, and strategists whose interest lies in enhancing the performance and impact of public benefit enterprises. It’s my gift.


  • In-depth understanding of the business model of the nonprofit enterprise, its strengths and deficiencies
  • Concepts, insights, and practical tools to enable authentic organizational change
  • Actionable framework for better decision-making and implementation.

Seminars for Consultants

The focus of the new Institute will be a series of ground-breaking interactive seminars that reveal the dynamics of the nonprofit organization and explore strategies for transforming and repositioning these enterprises for effectiveness and impact.

Current and aspiring consultants from a variety of disciplines – organizational development, marketing, fundraising, human resources, accounting – will gain a unique and in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the public benefit organization; the myths and realities of nonprofit organization management and governance; and insights and tools to enhance their own consultative performance.

It’s about being more effective at what you do and enhancing the prospects that the solutions you offer will stick for the long-term.

For information regarding the seminars, please CLICK HERE

Seminars for Nonprofit Leaders

The seminar series for nonprofit leaders will examine the distinctive elements of the nonprofit business model – the external market forces that impact their organizations and the internal design that influences their capacity to effectively fulfill their mission.

Executives and board leaders will gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of their organizations, the practice of effective governance and implementation, and the options that are available for redesigning them for organizational effectiveness.

For information regarding the seminars, please CLICK HERE


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