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Retreats & Seminars

If you’re wanting strategic retreats and seminars that:

  • facilitate mindful and soulful exploration of organizational purpose, value, priorities, and accountability
  • align nonprofit leaders around actionable roadmaps for strategic positioning and impact
  • create the architecture for balanced governance and effective implementation
  • engage the whole enterprise in the crafting of a shared dynamic culture
  • wrestle with vexing issues and produce actionable and practical solutions
  • leverage organizational assets and mitigate dysfunction

then you’re looking for Herb.

If you’re wanting provocative and mind-bending presentations that promote critical thought about:

  • the state of the nonprofit sector and new directions in building caring community
  • the challenges of governance, leadership, and accountability
  • the essential elements of effective governance
  • key ingredients in turnaround and recovery – the red flags of organizational distress
  • power, politics, and influence in public benefit organizations
  • re-engineering the not-for-profit sector in America

then you’re looking for Herb.

Please contact to inquire about scheduling and pricing for Herb as a speaker for your upcoming event or as a facilitator for any of the above customized strategic retreats and seminars.


“I am able to offer a unique perspective on the quality of Herb’s work. My educational background is in Organizational Leadership/Behavior and Business. I have also worked in governance positions for organizations that have utilized Herb’s consulting. Herb demonstrates 3 qualities that in combination deliver significant value to an organization: 1) Synthesis: Herb has the ability to listen to many inputs and synthesize those inputs into a critical few ideas that focus the discussion. 2) Insight: Herb challenges assumptions and mental models to create an environment of open dialogue that is essential for organizational insight. 3) Bias for Action: At the conclusion of a consultation the organization has a focused list of actionable tasks to drive the desired results. Herb has positively impacted the organizations with which I have been associated. His work has guided meaningful and enduring change that has driven each of the organizations to higher levels of performance.”
Gene Kochert, Intel

“Herb’s range of experience and depth of knowledge as an organization development consultant place him in high demand. In this business, there is no better accolade than word of mouth recognition, and Herb is widely known and respected here in Arizona, especially within the non-profit community. Consider him an investment that pays rich dividends.”
Greg Vaughan, President, The Vaughan Consulting Group

“Herb Paine helps you ask the “hard questions.” He assists people in seeing layers deeper than what appears on the face and assists you with getting to the core of the issue. His presentation skills are excellent and his ability to engage a group leads to innovative thinking and long-term solutions.”
Kevin Ruegg, CEO / Executive Director, Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Herb on several occasions where Herb was hired as a merger or strategic consultant for our clients. When two organizations are considering an affiliation, it is imperative that key decisions be reached quickly so that resources are not unnecessarily consumed and staff and other stakeholders are not left wondering what the future will hold. In each case where Herb has been involved, his wise counsel and years of experience helped to focus the board, calm the staff, frame the real issues standing in the way of collaboration and get quickly to a place of agreement or an understanding of why the deal would not go through. I highly recommend Herb.”
Ellis Carter, Founder, Carter Law Group

“Herb Paine acted as a consultant for a major merger between three Easter Seal (non-profit) affiliates in the Detroit metropolitan area. He was very professional, ethical and adept at getting three very different organizations to negotiate and execute a merger. The organization formed was able to move forward without any major problems, and in fact was able to grow more than 3000% since the merger was executed in 1993. Herb is a highly principled and ethical person. He is a delight to work with and I highly recommend him for business consulting of any sort.”
John Cocciolone, CEO, Easter Seals – Michigan